Passionate youth surrounded by a caring community results in a 92% graduation rate and over 300 hours of service in the community to love and serve one another. Legacy youth focus on becoming the best they can be through learning, serving, and leading productive lives now and in the future.


Team NameLocationTotal PlayersPledged
Anonymous Youth InvestorsFARGO, ND1$18,770.00
RuthFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA20$13,555.00
RohithFARGO, ND45$12,181.00
JeffFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA39$10,174.00
PeterFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA22$9,640.00
PascalFARGO, ND22$9,449.00
Jestina FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA18$8,733.00
Rose TuyaFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA34$8,047.00
JessicaWEST FARGO, ND27$6,874.00
Puja and LisaFARGO, ND10$6,539.00
StephanieFARGO, ND26$6,524.00
ZahabuFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA20$6,512.00
Sophie FriesenFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA6$6,171.00
Emma BSIOUX FALLS, SD4$6,025.00
MeganFARGO, ND10$5,435.00
RachelleFARGO, ND5$5,105.00
Erin OCASPER, WY4$5,080.00
DianneFARGO, ND15$4,635.00
JoeFARGO, ND11$1,815.00
John WEST FARGO, ND4$510.00
DelsonFARGO, ND2$250.00
Alyssa DFARGO, ND2$20.00
Jeff 2FAROG, ND1$10.00